Insertion / Removal

Removal of Artificial Eye

1) Open eyelids, apply suction cup to the prosthesis and squeeze the handle. After attaching, hold onto suction cup lightly in hand.
2) Pull down the lower lid with finger. Tilt the prosthesis back and out, lifting out and over the lower lid.
3) Once removed, squeeze suction cup handle to release.Insertion of Artificial Eye


Insertion of Artificial Eye

1) Apply rewetting drops or water to the anterior (front) and posterior (back) of the eye prosthesis.
2) Lift upper lid with the index finger to create an opening.
3) Slide top edge of prosthesis under the upper lid.
4) Release the upper lid once the prosthesis is in.
5) Pull down the lower lid and blink until prosthesis sets into the correct position.