Removing an Artificial Eye

  1. Open eyelids, apply suction cup to the prosthesis and squeeze the handle. After attaching, hold onto suction cup lightly in hand.
  2. Pull down the lower lid with finger. Tilt the prosthesis back and out, lifting out and over the lower lid.
  3. Once removed, squeeze suction cup handle to release.

Insertion of an Artificial Eye

  1. Apply rewetting drops or water to the anterior (front) and posterior (back) of the eye prosthesis.
  2. Lift upper lid with the index finger to create an opening.
  3. Slide top edge of prosthesis under the upper lid.
  4. Release the upper lid once the prosthesis is in.
  5. Pull down the lower lid and blink until prosthesis sets into the correct position.

Cleaning your Ocular Prosthesis

Most patients will be able to wear their artificial eye for one month or longer before removal.  However in certain cases, daily removal may be necessary.

  1. Before handling prosthesis, wash hands with soap and warm water.
  2. Remove Prosthesis from the eye socket.
  3. Use warm water and a mild soap to lightly clean the eye prosthesis. Baby shampoo is an excellent choice
  4. Dry the prosthesis with a soft tissue.
  5. Apply rewetting solution and reinsert.

Professional Polishing of your Artificial Eye

Over time the surface of your prosthesis will collect protein from your tears. Taking good care of your prosthesis helps to maintain a healthy socket and extend the life of your prosthesis. The prosthesis should be professionally polished every six months. This appointment also allows the Ocularist to determine if your current prosthesis is fitting properly.

Replacing your Eye Prosthesis

Artificial eyes do need to be replaced. On average, an artificial eye should be replaced every five years. Eye sockets change over time due to growth and naturally changes within the body. These changes can affect the appearance and comfort of your artificial eye. The material of the eye prosthesis will also break down in time, resulting in more unhealthy bacteria on the prosthesis.

Helpful Hints and Tips

  • Do not clean the prosthesis with any solvents, strong chemicals or alcohol. These chemicals could cause irreparable damage to the plastic prosthesis. Midwest Eye Laboratories does not fit glass eyes, all of our eyes are fabricated with medical grade polymethylmethacrylate.
  • Too much handling of your prosthesis can cause irritation and excess drainage, remove the prosthesis only as directed by your Ocularist and physician.
  • Glasses fit with polycarbonate lenses will help protect your vision eye.
  • If wiping your eye prosthesis, always close your eyelids and wipe towards your nose. Wiping outward may rotate or dislodge your prosthesis.

Insertion of
Artificial Eye

Removal of
Artificial Eye

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