ASO Annual Conference in Chicago


Julie attended her first meeting at the American Society of Ocularists in Chicago as an intern of the College of Ocularistry. It was great to be back in person at [...]

ASO Annual Conference in Chicago2022-10-10T10:29:04-05:00

HealthPartners Insurance Update


***HealthPartners Insurance Update*** It has come to our attention that some of our patients have received a letter in the mail stating that Midwest Eye Laboratories Woodbury was no longer [...]

HealthPartners Insurance Update2021-11-24T13:35:21-06:00

Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance update


We are excited to announce as of October 1st, 2021, Midwest Eye Laboratories Sioux Falls LLC is now an in-network provider for Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield in our [...]

Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance update2021-10-08T10:06:27-05:00

Sil-Ophtho H (Heavy)


We are now offering Sil-Ophtho H in addition to our other artificial eye lubricants.  Sil-Ophtho H is a heavy viscosity silicone oil used when the medium thickness Sil-Ophtho is no [...]

Sil-Ophtho H (Heavy)2020-08-22T11:24:14-05:00

Hand Sanitizers


With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we want to remind everyone that hand washing is very important. The use of hand sanitizers are definitely helpful in these times, however, they are [...]

Hand Sanitizers2020-03-25T13:55:13-05:00

Statement on Coronavirus


STATEMENT ON COVID-19 Midwest Eye Laboratories Woodbury is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our patients and staff. We understand that many of our patients are concerned regarding [...]

Statement on Coronavirus2020-03-25T13:49:13-05:00

$1.00 Off Sil-Ophtho Drops 15ml


Happy New Years! Take $1.00 off our 15ml silicone oil Sil-Ophtho drops by using promo code NEWYEARS between now and 1/10/2020.

$1.00 Off Sil-Ophtho Drops 15ml2019-12-26T15:45:53-06:00

Disinfecting Eye Prosthesis


Over the years patients have inquired about disinfecting their artificial eyes at home. Normal at home cleaning is done simply with a mild soap and water and is usually all [...]

Disinfecting Eye Prosthesis2019-01-31T11:55:51-06:00

Visiting Ophthalmologist and Ocularist


We had the pleasure today of meeting a fellow Ocularist and Ophthalmologist visiting from Shanghai China. It was great sharing experiences and comparing ideas. I hope someday we will be [...]

Visiting Ophthalmologist and Ocularist2018-10-31T10:41:55-05:00